Investor Testimonials

Investors from over 30 countries have selected the California Consortium as the preferred provider of EB5 immigration solution. map-ccaeCountries represented in red include: Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela

“Kelly has promptly answered my phone calls and emails. She is very knowledgeable about the immigration process and has provided my lawyers with every document they’ve needed in a timely manner. Since I wasn’t familiar with the EB-5 program, I’ve asked questions on multiple occasions and she has always answered them meticulously. My petition was finally approved and I received my Permanent Resident Card sooner than I expected.”

A.G., Brazil

“I am most impressed with CCAE’s professionalism, timely responses and well organized data for my lawyer to prepare my application.”

M.W., Canada

“CCAE provides a unique opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to explore business investments and obtain legal permanent residence in the United States. CCAE has a strong background in the local economy and the management is very knowledgeable. I am very glad to be part of the CCAE program.”

Z.M., China

“We are very happy to work with the California Consortium. They always respond fast, they are very patient with our questions, and they always give us a detailed answer to help us understand everything we need to know. So far, we feel confidence about the future of the company in which we invested.”

L.J., China

“Once I made the decision to immigrate from Lebanon, I met with Susan Spencer, President of the California Consortium. During our meeting we toured the vineyard and she spent a tremendous amount of time explaining the immigration and investment process. I found her to be a determined, decisive and honest individual and I felt comfortable investing with the Consortium. My experience has been excellent. Most recently, I received my I-829 Removal of Conditions and I am very pleased.”

A.H., Lebanon

“We chose the California Consortium because of their track record, the fact they had a top legal team in place, and that we would be investing in a real business making real products.”

J.H., New Zealand

“I am most impressed with CCAE’s professionalism, timely responses and well organized data for my lawyer to prepare my application.”

M.W., New Zealand

“I focused on two main factors when selecting the regional center for my green card application; customer service and type of business. My California Consortium representative was extremely helpful throughout the application process, answering all my questions and concerns, and working professionally with my attorney. After analyzing their business and operations, I felt comfortable making my investment in this regional center. As a result, I received my conditional visa. California Consortium has continued to keep me updated on a quarterly basis about the status of the business and investment, and I believe it has a very promising future. I would definitely recommend you consider California Consortium for your green card application.”

A.K., Turkey